Thursday, September 10, 2009

The President's Speech

I thought he did pretty well. He managed to make a case that made sense, though I disagree with tort reform (if you want to lower the number of medical malpractice cases, then commit less malpractice - you know, eliminate the source).

I also agree that the cat calls during the appropriate calling a spade of a spade with regard to "death panels" was in bad form, as was Rep. Joe Wilson's shouting of "liar," though I'm sure that will make him a hero to many on the Right.

What do you think, oh 4 of you left who stop by?

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photog said...

Sorry for the delayed post. I check the various blogs I follow about once a week, and sometimes less often. No offense intended; it's not personal.

I did watch Obama's speech was was pleasantly surprised. I am generally a proponent of health care reform and would seriously consider backing a public option, assuming it wouldn't bankrupt the country. Obama says it won't, and, contrary to the outspoken senator, I'm inclined to believe him.

I'm hopeful that reform will be swift and effective, even if it isn't an all-encompassing as the dems would prefer.