Sunday, February 13, 2011

Misinformation Central

Disclaimer - I don't dislike Bill O'Reilly. I think he's about as fair as you get on Fox News, and he admits to a conservative bias. I'm not particularly a fan, and I don't regularly watch his show, but I saw this link on and checked out his interview with Glenn Beck, who I do not like. I'm amazed that people follow this guy's ramblings, or that he has any fan base whatsoever. Everything in the world is tied to some socialist/communist movement designed to take down our countries, even here in America.

Now, the one source Beck provided in this interview was to what he termed the "One Nation" movement, which he claimed was a collection of the Unions and all the socialist (or was it Communist?) organizations in America trying to bring Fundamental Change to our way of life. The link he stated on the interview was to here. I took a chance to check out the link, and it turns out this website is "English for the Children," an organization in favor of Proposition 227.

I just don't understand this guy's draw.

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Belle said...

I first saw Glen Beck on CNN. I watched him for maybe three minutes and could see he was an idiot. I don't get it either.