Monday, June 11, 2012

Still alive and kicking

We picked up a new car yesterday.  It's a big improvement over the previous car, however, it's not quite the uber-vehicle I'd dreamed of (which I knew going in, so it's not a disappointment).

In other news, apparently Bristol Palin will be on a reality show that will show that she is a normal mom. Don't interpret what I'm going to say as a dig on Bristol Palin individually, however, it seems to me that anyone who is talking about what their reality show is going to demonstrate is not someone that qualifies among the ranks of "normal."  In my experience, normal people don't put their lives in front of a cam-... actually... Maury, People's Court, Divorce Court, etc... perhaps reality show folks are normal...

Other than that - how are y'all?


Bruce said...

What, you don't have your own reality show on YouTube yet? Slacker!

Steve said...

When I graduated law school, I was invited to participate in a documentary about recent law school grads trying to find work, but then I got a job about 3 weeks later and rendered my participation moot.