Friday, January 21, 2005

By the People, For the People

I heard on the radio this morning DJs complaining about the proposed legislature here in Texas that would grade students based on their obesity. The idea is that it will encourage health. These DJs and the people calling in complained that there were too many vending machines in class and that children are going to make unhealthy choices given the option, and that grading fat would only hurt the self esteem of those husky children. They also argued that there should be a greater PE requirement than the current 1.5 years that the state requires from high school.

All this is fine and good, but, I want to know why the children would choose the unhealthy stuff over the healthy stuff? Is it nature? Or is it because that's what they have access to with fast food parenting and the like, so that's what they're most familiar with?

Also, can't the schoolboard decide to remove the vending machines? And if they do, how much does that hurt the respective school district economically? And if they don't, these people who complain about the vending machines, are they going to be responsible enough to vote out the school board members who allow them to return? Or are they just going to complain?

My rant for Friday.

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