Sunday, January 30, 2005

Let it go, already!

Let me start by saying I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I vote based on what I read and hear and try to make an objective decision on who I think best matches my sentiments on policy. For all that, if the person I vote for wins the election, great. If not, great. It doesn't matter who comes out on top, the one who gets more electoral votes will be President.
That being said, here it is, the end of January, and I still read sites where people encourage acts of defiance against the President, lack of support for our elected Executive. People claim that "he shouldn't" have won, or that Ohio should have gone a different way, or whatever. Give it up. The election came and went. After all was said and done, George W. Bush retained the office of the President. Just because your pony didn't come in first doesn't mean that you can disregard what the populace chose. That's the idea of the system. You got to speak your piece, and by voting, you did that. I don't ask that you like his policies; I don't even ask that you like him. Odds are, I'll criticize many of his policies while he's in office, just as I would had Kerry won, or Nader, or Badnarak, or whomever you may have written in. What I believe is that you have an obligation, if you consider yourself an American, you have an obligation to accept the results of the election and support the country and the leader the country chose.
There are no losers in an election except for the ones who can't support the one who would lead us.


English Professor said...

I'm no Bush fan, but you're speaking the truth.

Susa Mesaros said...

I'm a republican, a conservative, yet I based my vote on the fact that Georgie is so cute. He's a hottie, and totally fun to listen to when he does his little speaches. That's all. I mean, sure, you agree, disagree, bla bla bla, but does it really make a difference? No. Susa says go with the hotter of the two. And you're welcome. Nice site by the way.