Saturday, October 03, 2009

So I got my finger checked out

I have had this sore on there for about 3 months, and didn't think much of it - it kicked up last year for about a month then went away, and I figured it would do the same thing this year, however it didn't.

3 months and much cajoling later, I finally yielded to the lamentations of my wife and co-workers and went to get it checked out. Let me first say that I was not terribly impressed with the clinic at which I was seen. The wait was over 2 hours just to get in to the room, and then another 25 minutes after that. I saw a Nurse Practitioner for all of about 3 minutes, who looked at my finger, didn't know what it was, and decided to give me steroids and antibiotics. I don't feel at all uneased about this situation.

Still, I'll take the medicine and hope it all clears up for my trip to Rome in 48 days.

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