Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Two Cents' On the "Cordoba Center"

I find it interesting just how much disinformation is out there regarding the Cordoba Center or the absurdly misnamed "Ground Zero Mosque."

First off - it's a former Burlington Coat Factory.
Second - it's a Community Center, more along the lines of a YMCA than anything else - basketball courts, swimming pools, etc., and open to all.
Third - It's less than 300 feet from an already existant Mosque.
Fourth - Muslims are working on the reconstruction in and around the ACTUAL ground zero with no complaints - though are they not doing a disservice to the memory of those killed by the attacks by practicing the religion of those who killed in the name of the same Allah they worship on the selfsame site?
Fifth - No Muslim Americans were involved in the bombing of the WTC. (if you need a link for this, then I really have no time for your opinion)
Sixth - Imam Rauf is arguably as big (or bigger) target of Al Qaeda than the "infidels" because he is not as pious (radical) as AQ.
Seventh - This "controversy" is the product of Fox News and company.
Eighth - Muslims were among those killed on 9-11. Denying one religion the ability to build on private property while not pining for a similar moratorium should other religions plan to build on private property diminishes the religious freedom (one of the things for which we ostensibly stand) and by extension their equal standing as American citizens - the very things that Al Qaeda hates us for.

I support Park 51, because of a couple reasons - first and foremost, it's their right to do so and I support 1st Amendment rights. Second, I think it's a slap in the face to AQ to allow this center to be built - "we respect the rights of all religions so greatly that we're able to accept willingly the construction of a center founded by men and women who subscribe to the same religion as you - we don't hate your way of life, we embrace all comers!" Third - For those who say "we support your right to build, just don't build 'here,'" I ask - what distance is far enough to be "acceptable?" One of my problems with the opposition (and with much Right-Wing rhetoric anymore is that there's never a serious (or in this case *any*) alternative proposed, just "no."

Quite frankly, unless you live in Manhattan near the site, how does this story affect you? Had Fox News and friends not manufactured the controversy in time for the new election cycle, would you have even known about it?


Gramma said...

Well said. And I agree.

Anonymous said...

This "news" story may be the product of FoxNews, but the majority of mainstream media is guilty for playing along with the "Ground Zero" label. It really annoys me that first, the media labels it the "Ground Zero Mosque" and then later does a self-analysis on the accuracy of its "Ground Zero" label.

The mosque is merely a victim of the mainstream media's quest for entertainment instead of accurate journalism.


P.S. I saw your FB status. I'd try to get that other job if I were you.