Wednesday, December 29, 2010

As the Year Draws to a Close

While I can say I'm frustrated with what's going on, I can't say who I think bears the brunt of the blame. Republicans have been nothing but obstructionist game players who have shown an unwillingness to bend on anything that isn't their creation, but Democrats have been very slow to call Republicans on this obstructionism.

I do think the next two years are going to be constant attempts by the Republicans to destroy President Obama, which is unfortunate, because if they gave him a fair chance, they'd probably see that he's closer to the center (and possible a little bit on the right) than the wingnuts in charge of the Republican Party care to admit.

I've been mostly absent from this blog this year - I'm just not feeling the draw that I once felt for this. Not sure whether I'll get my mojo back or not; I tend to think this was more a distraction from Law School than any bona fide desire to get my voice out there the longer I go between posts...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, good to hear from you again. Hope you and yours have a very Happy New Year.

What do the democrats expect? All the democrats did for eight years was obstruct President Bush and attempt to destroy him. The truth never mattered to them, everything that happened was spun by the left to be anti-Bush. One of the most telling examples of this was in a speech made by John Kerry in which he stated that every decision Bush made was the wrong decision, every action he took was the wrong action, etc. No one (not even Obama or Bush) is always wrong about everything.

C'mon man!