Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sorry for the absence, again

So it's been a busy year. I've been mostly gone from the blog, but that's more due to malaise than anything else. Frankly, with spare time, I have nothing to avoid doing by blogging, which means I have less desire to blog.

I've been working as an Oil and Gas title attorney now for about 6 months. I don't mind the work, though, strangely, I do miss the commute. There's something to be said about having to get away from home and going to an office.

I am pretty certain I've decided to try to find work elsewhere. We had the opportunity to move to St. Louis earlier this year when I received an offer to work for the Department of Social Security, but we had to decline that offer due to the short notice of the start date as well as their refusal to help pay relocation. In the long run, it may have been a beneficial placement, but circumstances kept that from being a possibility legitimately.

At any rate, I think the spouse would be more comfortable moving west as opposed to midwest, and to that end, I've started looking for positions in the private sector on the West Coast. We'll see what, if anything pops up. In the meantime I'll keep plugging away at the job I'm doing, though I'm still not terribly pleased with the position (more about pay than performance).

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