Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super Bowl

A couple things... first of all, I thought the commercials this year were by and large listless.  Nothing terribly water-cooler quality to speak of.  I did not care for the hot girl and nerd guy making out commercial, which I thought was wrong-headed, but it's not a surprise given the company it was made for.

I thought the game turned out to be quite good.  I'm not suggesting that it would have changed the outcome, but I did think the officiating was markedly one-sided, to the point that I right now cannot recall one penalty Baltimore got called for during the game.  Moreover, I do recall seeing at least 3 very blatant non-calls in the 4th quarter, one of which did have some impact on the outcome of the game (not saying it changed it, but it limited the potential for the game to end differently). 

I'm happy for the Ravens, though I found myself pulling for San Francisco in the game. 

Now for bed, then back to work.

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