Sunday, September 01, 2013

Movie Night

So the wife and I had a movie night last night.  We chose a couple romantic-comedies with foreign flair (yes, I went with Rom-Com - but there was a dearth of Meg Ryan, so I think we're okay). 

The first movie we watched was a French movie called "Romantics Anonymous."  This was a cute film - a Chocolate maker with severe social anxiety gets hired at a chocolaterie (or however you spell it), thinking she was going to make chocolate, but is actually hired as a sales rep by the head of the company, who also has a social disability, particularly with regard to talking to women.

The movie was cute, and there's no way that a movie of this nature could get released from Hollywood.  I don't know if I'd watch it again, but it was not bad.

The other movie we watched was Outsourced.  We watched this movie a few years back, right when we got Netflix, and thought it was cute then.  I actually enjoyed it more the second time.  This is a movie about an American sales manager whose department gets outsourced to India and he has to go out to Mumbai (I think) to train the new manager and sales representatives on being more passably American on the telephone.  It is my understanding that the television show was spun off/premised on this movie, but I'm not sure. 

There are parts where the movie is a bit slow, the acting isn't always top notch, and in a couple spots the pacing does seem a little forced, but the characters are likeable, and the movie is well worth the time.  Particularly on a date night at home. 

I recommend both, but definitely think Outsourced is an under the radar gem.

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