Monday, October 14, 2013

Tournament Post-Mortem

So, I've not competed in 3 taekwondo tournaments, with a fourth coming up next month.  The Apple completed his fourth and the Princess her third, so we are all on pace for testing for our black belts on schedule.

It does give me some concern that my school requires tournaments as a prerequisite for testing for black belt, but I do understand the utility of it.  I just wish it wasn't so expensive (6 tournaments x 3 individuals x $75 - $1350 just for the tournaments, to say nothing of the equipment or the tuition for classes, which I understand and accept), or that there were alternatives available (say, for example, a seminar or something to substitute for one or two tournaments, or something). 

At any rate.  I only did patterns this time.  I probably should have sparred, but with just me and the two childrens, I thought it best to let me miss out on the fighting so that I could get them home at a decent hour.

I've done better in tournaments, so while I'm disappointed, I'm content to know that I'm really just there this time to check a box.  One more and I can test for my black belt, and 3 more in order to get the certificate.

The Apple should be able to get his certificate when he tests in the spring, and the Princess and I should get ours when she tests in the fall.

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