Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What, Exactly, would happen?

What would happen to the people of Iran if President Obama came out directly in support of the protesters? We have a nation, Iran, that is sovereign, whose people are reacting to widespead voter fraud, who are (apparently) rejecting the putative leader of the nation after the fraudulent vote, the same man who came in to power with the "American bogeyman" concept in place. A softer response helped lead to the position where dialogue was possible, maintaining such silence will do nothing but aid the cause of those who want change over there, as it denies Ahmadenijad a foil, a target for fearmongering. As long as we remain neutral, it's the Iranians' fight. Once we take sides, then the protesters are part of us, which weakens their position. It's simple, but it seems to be lost on the Neoconservative Right.

Perhaps Matt Steinglass is right in his binary reasoning hypothesis...

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