Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Rahm's Apology

First off, I'm not sure that he needed to apologize. What he said was crass and unprofessional, but it was also said behind closed doors.

Second, I'm not sure which I'm feeling is more surprising, that Sarah Palin's ghostwriters on Facebook have never used the word for which they've expressed such shock and disdain (seriously, this is like "he who is without sin" stuff), or that the first thing Sarah Palin apparently thought when she heard the word was her son.

The record seems to suggest that Sarah Palin treats Trig as a prop for publicity purposes - why is a special needs child being handed off to her at book signings and other rallies instead of receiving the specialized treatment he ostensibly should be getting - so is there a double standard being applied here - that it's ok to sensationalize special needs when it's a Republican doing it?

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