Thursday, February 18, 2010

Failed Experiment

Well, today the dog is going back to the shelter. I feel bad, but there's been some difficulty in introducing him successfully to the house. He's just a little too active for our family needs. The cats have been sequestered in our bedroom for the last five days (since we brought him home) and when he's able, he's been barking and whining with his head under our bed - where the cats have been hiding. He's rather single-minded of purpose in this category. When he's not been doing that, he's been climbing on the furniture, taking the kids' stuffed animals and shoes, and gnawing at my hand.

Yesterday, two incidents in particular probably pushed the situation over the edge. First, he peed on a floor pillow that was in the game room. I'm rather unhappy about this as he is perfectly housebroken. More importantly, though, the Apple and the Princess went out back to play with him and he got a little too rough. While I didn't see him biting the Apple or knocking him down, I did get to the door in time to see him tackle the Princess and bite her in the back of the neck. I should note that he had is ears pricked up and his tail was wagging like mad - in other words, he was playing, not trying to hurt the kids. However, he gave the kids a good spook, more than they deserved, and I don't want a dog in the house that bites, even playfully.

He's got the potential to be a good dog, but he needs a family with older children or another alpha dog that he can follow and/or play with. He's definitely a loving dog and really likes attention, but, it's just not a good marriage with our family.

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Gramma said...

It's too bad; he sounded like such a good guy. I tried adopting an older dog who, on the first day here, bit one of my best friends on the thigh and punctured the skin through her jeans. I sent him back immediately and hope they destroyed him -- can't keep a dog around who can't be trusted. Especially in a home with children!

Jack should be getting out of the shopital today, if his 24 hours on room air has been successful. He has asthma or RAD -- doctors don't seem to be sure.