Thursday, February 10, 2005

The best kept secret on the penninsula

As I've seen reported on Television and the newspapers, Yahoo! provides the link that states North Korea Has Nukes. Now, I imagine this revealed "secret" is really about as much a secret as Dolly Parton's augmentations, but it's still worth noting. I remember reading a Time or Newsweek article in the late '90s that said the DPRK had one and possibly two nuclear weapons. Of course, this is slightly different than what the DPRK is saying now, namely that they have developed the weapons to counter the "growing threat" that President Bush presents to the peace on the penninsula.
The timing on this is the part that's most interesting. North Korea has spurned continued 6-way talks regarding stabilization in the region, and now they bring up the nuclear issue again. Watch the news closely, North Korea is probably posturing for more at the bargaining table, and the nuclear weapons is all they have. Since that's the case, they will use it anytime they feel they need to get us to make more concessions, and since it's worked in the past - see Clinton's approach to NK, providing oil and food in exchange for their suspension of a nuclear program while we help them develop light water reactors for power, which NK said they'd do, until the time came for them to tell us, essentially, that we could take the deal, after we gave them the food and oil, and shove it, since they'd been continuing with their program all along.
The Chonger is not someone who should be accomodated in this manner, in my opinion, which is based on his treatment of his people, who are kept at near-starvation levels, and various other nefarious deeds.

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