Sunday, February 06, 2005

Max Schnelling

I admit I'm not a big boxing fan, and I'm only somewhat familiar with Max Schnelling and what he did. He was quoted once as saying he most wanted to be remembered as a decent human being, which is interesting considering how his country wanted to use him. This site: Max Schmeling provides a pretty good synopsis of his life story, though it leaves out the part where he helped Joe Louis out when Joe had his IRS problems.


English Professor said...

Yeah, we were very surprised to see that he had died, having assumed that he'd been dead for years. One thing about Schnelling and the German runner who competed against Jesse Owens--they were true sportsmen who respected the game and their fellow athletes, regardless of Hitler's evil ideology.

English Professor said...

Also, I want to put a link to you on my blog. What do you want your link to be named? Your full name, or something else?

Steve said...


You can go ahead and call it Random Rants and Inquiries. That seems to be what those who have blogrolled me have referred to me.