Friday, March 09, 2007

Did I do the right thing?

I intern at a bank, in the contracts analysis department. I like the office I'm in; the people are nice, the hours are more friendly than law-firm hours would be (though with the high volume they're currently experiencing and understaffing they currently face, it's more than a 9-5er), and it's not as adversarial in nature. Additionally, they are looking to hire a new analyst, and have told me that they will pull my resume when I apply.

One of my classmates, a friend, asked me last week how I got involved in the internship, and if I knew of any jobs in this area... I hesitated. Job hunting for soon to be graduates can be rather territorial, and if you get a lead that you want, it can be very tempting to not divulge that to others who are looking. Finally, I did tell her, figuring that if she was better suited for the job than I was, I shouldn't be the reason she doesn't get hired. I also told her to let me know when she sent the resume in so I could tell my supervisor, who could tell HR to pull her resume.

I feel bad, because even though the bank had not yet posted the job opening when my friend asked, I waited to tell her. I still haven't put my resume in - it's going to take a while to get through the application process on the bank's end - and she hasn't suffered any from the delay, but I can't help but feel bad that I didn't tell her because of selfish reasons.

Why don't I feel better about having told her?


particleman said...

you're a terrible person. stand up, turn around three times, tap on the nearest wall with the back of your foot once, count down from 13, spell your last name backwards, and everything will be ok.

Just Wondering said...

Welcome to the human race. Forgive yourself. Here's what I do sometimes when self-absolution is hard to come by. Ask yourself, if the situation were reversed and your friend did the same thing you did, for the same reasons, wouldn't you understand and cut her a break? Yeah, you would.