Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I remember hearing my whole life that gay was a choice, that a person decided to be gay. It was a conscious decision, not a product of nature. I remember this being the prevailing thought process for many, many years.

But, apparently, there has been a switch in thinking. No longer is gay a choice, you are born gay. It's not something you catch, it's something that's inside you. That's the only logical conclusion, isn't it, when a president of a seminary suggests that there should be "prenatal treatment to reverse gay orientation," and that such treatment would be biblically justified.

I can't begin to conceive of how insane this is...
If God made man in his image, and gay is a biological trait, then how is it a sin to be born the way God made you? Am I oversimplifying? Perhaps, instead of trying to cure what God made, we should reconsider what man wrote in His Book...


Gramma said...

There are too many fundamentalists out there who pick and choose the parts of the Bible that they will endorse. IF it were really written by God, then we wouldn't have that luxury. But since it is a group of books written by Humans who were inspired by their faith, all of it is nothing more than their viewpoint, according to their understanding of God. You are not being too simplistic, Grasshopper. You are using the Brain God gave you.

Jae said...

We've talked round and round about this topic being in a counseling program at a Catholic university. One argument is the in utero environmental influence over the genes (timing and exposure of various factors). Not making an argument in either direction, just saying where a similar conversation has gone.

I don't think picking and choosing is limited to one group. Everyone clings to evidence that validates their views even if it's contradictory in nature. It's in every aspect -- faith just gets highlighted more often, which is ironic since it's a personal thing anyway. Ahhh, the complexities of human behavior. I love it :)

Steve said...

I'm glad to hear the input from both of you. Gramma, a master's degree holder in counseling and jae, a master's degree student in a similar field.

Gramma, didn't the church once teach that non-clergy were not to read/interpret the Bible? Am I sinning for using the brain He gave me?

And jae (understand this is tongue in cheek) - if faith is a choice, then could it be possible to develop an in utero treatment to cure non-christianity, and if so, should this president advocate for that, to save these non-believers?

None of what I wrote in this comment is to be taken seriously outside the first paragraph where I mention my appreciation for both of your comments and input on this, given your exposure to this facet of life and my inexposure to the same, and of course, this disclaimer, which should go without saying, but I'm saying anyway.

I make no express or implied warranty as to the understandability of this comment, and the reader, by reading hereby waives any claim, Constitutional, statutory, treaty-based, or any other cause of action related to any injury, mental, physical, real, or imaginary that he or she may have incurred as a result of reading the aforementioned comment and/or disclaimer.