Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Going Fishing

My father booked a deep-sea fishing trip for us, my father in law, and The Boy for graduation. We got the deposit in this weekend, and the wife of the guy we're chartering called me to confirm. She and I got to talking a bit, because she was at home alone for the day (the Capt. was out fishing), and I was between classes so I had some time to spare. We got to the topic of why we were going fishing and I mentioned it was a graduation gift. She asked where I was going to school. I mentioned I was in law school downtown, to which she replied, "That's ok, Bill (the captain) will take you anyway."

She said some charters won't take lawyers. That made me sad.


Jamie said...

Not take lawyers? That's just stupid.

Isn't there case law somewhere that says lawyers are a protected class, requiring strict scrutiny and all that?

Cassie said...

I thought it was a joke... Like lawyers aren't desirable people but Bill doesn't discriminate, it took me a minute to figure out that she was serious.