Monday, March 19, 2007

New Links

I've started reading a couple new blogs. The first one, Vim and Vinegar, is written by a former bar member in North Carolina (I believe), who writes far better than I could hope to match. She's got good insight, and I've enjoyed reading her comments at the Gun Toting Liberal for some time now.

The second blog, which I've not yet blogrolled, is Dick Polman's blogspot. He's a political journalist from Philadelphia, so he's got the writing and research skills of a seasoned journalist combined with the personal involvement that comes with a blog. His writing is quite good, and his points are very well made. The most recent example can be found here. If you have an eye for politics (and are critical of the current administration) then I think you'd enjoy this blog.

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Just Wondering said...

Holy Smokes, Steve! That's high praise indeed, but I think you're selling yourself short when you say I write "far better" than you do. Anyway, thanks for reading. I'm enjoying blogging while on vacation this week - I don't have time to obsess over the insanity because I'm not indoors long enough! By the way, I have also added a link to your blog on V&V's sidebar. I have enjoyed your contributions here, there and over at GTL. Read ya soon. Looking forward to checking out Polman's blog ...