Sunday, June 01, 2008

Conversation With the Princess

This morning, as I mentioned in my previous post, we ate breakfast at the Guenther House in San Antonio - by far one of the top 3 restaurant breakfasts I've enjoyed in Houston. We had a bit of a wait to be seated. Fortunately, the house is right on the San Antonio River, with a pretty nice-sized seawall attached, so you got a good view without too much risk of getting wet.

The Princess had been looking over the side at a couple mallards that were swimming about. She walks over to me and asks me if I've ever eaten duck. "Yes, Princess, I have."
"Oh, then those ducks probably don't like you."

After asking Mom the same question and receiving a negative reply, it was back to watching the ducks swim.

I guess I know now why ducks don't come up and start casual conversations with me.


feisty 'bama princess said...

The conversation before she asked you if you had eaten duck.

Photog: "No, don't go touch the ducks."

Princess: "why?"

Photog: "Because they are scared of people."

Princess: "why?"

Photog: "Because they are afraid you will eat them."

Princess marches off to ask dad if he's eaten a duck...


Steve said...

That does help clear up the source of the discussion. She is a cutie.

Weary Hag said...

Love this entire post. There should be an entire blogging realm in which we could read nothing but off-the-cuff conversations between adults and their wee ones.