Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stress Level picking up

We've had a busy couple of weeks. We are scheduled to close on Friday, which means one stressor will be past us, immediately replaced by new stressors - namely, buying furniture, moving, setting up daycare, and getting utilities started.

Work is picking up as well. Deadlines don't change, but psychotic (in the literal sense) clients can - they move, they don't answer calls, they leave cryptic messages that nobody can decipher, etc. On top of that, we're inundated with calls right now from clients who are busy asking for attorneys to answer questions that the paralegals are perfectly capable of answering (and have already, in many cases). The problem is, the clients many times don't listen to what anyone says unless the person talking is a lawyer. Even then, in many situations, the clients won't listen, but by that time they've wasted several peoples' time, not just one. But I prattle on.

I hear tell that genetic engineers are working on a Canteloupe/Cauliflower hybrid. They're going to call it a Melon-Cauli.

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Bookworm said...

When I was in law school, I got a part time job working in a law office. I vividly remember one of the employers, beyond frustration, complaining that the practice of law would be perfect if it wasn't for the clients!

Good luck with your closing.