Saturday, June 28, 2008

Furniture shopping

Last year, we bought new sofas, because our old one and our recliner were pretty much dead to the world; the cats had scratched them all to hell, the kids had written, spilled food and drink on them, and they just did not hold up well to the rigors of being the the Binjo Ditch.

So we got new sofas 6 months ago. And the cats have scratched up the side of one of them. I hate our cats. But I digress.

We went to the Dump for our furniture. I would say that the Dump was pretty good. The sales staff was a little more sharkish than I like - when I say I'm not interested in buying, that means I don't want you to keep haranguing me; you let me shop, and when I am ready to talk, I will seek you out. But the prices were really good. We liked the quality, and the furniture has held up well to the kids, though the damn cat scratched up the back of the one; stupid damn cat. But I digress.

We're currently shopping for a bed for the Princess and a futon for the gameroom. We are probably going to find our way to the Dump tomorrow to see what they might have to offer. We actually went to the Room Store today and saw the same sofa combo that we bought last Christmas for about $300-400 more than what we paid. The service after purchase was excellent, too. We were happy with the sales staff and the delivery.

Anyway, that's what's going on at the Bingo Ditch today. Time for some sleep.


feisty 'bama princess said...

They do make "scratching posts" for cats..Have you tried that? Of course, I hate cats too, so, just get rid of them..stupid damn cats..But I digress :-)

Gramma said...

I have personally met these cats. They think they have scratching posts. They think the scratching posts are oblong and very large. I think they are nice cats. Steve is allergic to them, fpr a start. and he generally likes animals. Add to that, he loves his wife to distraction, and she loves the cats. It is fairly easy to understand.