Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Suburban Life

Technically, we moved from the city to the suburbs. We were within Houston City Limits, and now we're not. It's nice to be far enough away from the smog and pollution to not have it in our lungs constantly, though I'm sure a good bit of it makes its way up here.

We've started settling down in the new house. The inlaws and Pa left on Monday, and we're working our way into a routine. The kids are in a new daycare; I'm going to be starting the park and ride pretty soon, and all things will assume a normalcy.

I haven't been hit with that strong bout of buyer's remorse yet. Though I do feel a good deal of stress with being a new homeowner again. We've got a lot we've got to do with this place to keep it up as we're in a pretty nice Master Planned Community.

My birthday recently came and went. I basically did nothing different on my birthday - I went to work, answered angry phone calls, answered more angry phone calls, ate lunch and answered more angry phone calls, then went home; turned around and went out to buy dinner for the family, and then the Men (and the Boy) drove down to Freeport for some deep sea fishing. Fishing went well, though the Boy got seasick and Father in Law may have broken his coccyx.

I've not really had much time to just sit and relax yet. Someday.


photog said...

Happy Birthday! I saw the reminder from Plaxo (or some other social networking site) and still forgot to say anything.

We're excited for you both and the whole homeowner experience. Can't wait to come and check it out.

Gramma said...

You forgot to mention that your mama called and sang to you. 34 years ago. Oh my, you were so cute; and you had such a pretty complexion (of course, that was due to jaundice), and I had ot ask my neighbor about that little plastic cap--she said don't touch it, it was part of circumcision and it would take care of itself). And if I went away for 5 minutes and left you with daddy, you would be snuggled against his chest and both of you sound asleep when I came home.

Why is parenting when mom is home with the kids, and 'babysitting' when dad is home with the kids?