Monday, July 20, 2009

But They Made a Pact!

Look, I'm all about teaching abstinence, and I'm even all for practicing it - I've been doing so since my wife told me I was, which pretty much coincided with the birth of our last child over 5 years ago...

But as Bristol Palin might say, it's not realistic to teach children to just say no. Interestingly enough, a Palin made a public statement that's backed by empirical evidence, in this case by the CDC.

Of course, anyone who's been paying attention probably already knew that.

When it comes to gun safety, you teach gun users how to do so safely. The same should be true with sexuality - you hope they don't have to use the knowledge and that the kids spend their time just practicing by themselves, but should they find themselves in a compromising position, they're prepared to handle the situation, as opposed to draining the state's resources on shots at the free clinic, hospital stays that are paid for by taxpayer dollars. Additionally, it would ostensibly help cut down on terminated pregnancies - something that seems to be very high on the priority list for the Abstinence-only crowd...

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