Thursday, July 23, 2009

To All the July 2009 Texas Bar Exam completers

Congratulations on getting through the exam, and good luck on the results.

I offer this post as an open post for anyone coming in looking for results to the 2009 Texas State Bar Exam to write about their experience. Was it hard? Not as hard as you thought? Surprisingly easy? Did you get your rear handed to you? Did you knock it out of the park?

Enquiring minds want to know - besides, it's therapeutic to decompress.


Anonymous said...

It was rough; a little fair, a little unfair. Finished all essay and MPT. I hope the third times the charm.
Felt very good about everything. Check my answers and missed some questions on the essays, But absolutely nailed others.

There are no word to describe the devastation one fields when they fail the bar. I hope the elation is just as great.

Anonymous said...

What about the wills question concerning the dog?

Steve said...

Good luck with the results. I can tell you that what I felt when I found out I had passed was less elation and more relief. I had felt pretty confident the whole way through the wait until about the week the results were due, and I felt the tension and uncertainty build as the week wore on.

I don't have the results or the answers from the exam, as they aren't available yet, but when they are, I will take a look at what they have.

Good luck everyone.