Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wine in Rome

I'm not a big fan of wine, generally speaking. I more or less stopped drinking several years ago, however, I do occasionally imbibe - a glass of beer from time to time. I can't exactly say why I never developed a taste for wine, but, I think it has something to do with the reds and whites that I drank. They always had a bitter taste with them that I couldn't get around.

While we were in Rome, though, I tried a few different house wines. Far and away, the best house wine that I found was called Villa Cervia. This was a house red that we had at the fantastic Ristorante Ristochicco, at Borgo Pio 186, just between the Vatican and Castle Sant'Angelo. This wine was quite smooth, with no bitterness that I could detect at all. It drank easily, and tasted terrific with our meals there. While I've looked on the website, it doesn't appear that we would be able to pick up a bottle here in Houston, though that would be nice. We do have one bottle that we brought home with us, and perhaps we'll use that to ring in the new year.

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