Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It Boggles the Mind

It continues to amaze me that people still believe Sarah Palin is a legitimate political option, or that she or her opinion really is worth anything. That said, this most recent development is perhaps as scary as any other - we see at the blog Palingates that Palin has posted on her website a map of the U.S. with certain areas targeted. These targeted areas, and by targeted I mean sighted in crosshairs represent "House democrats who represent districts 'we' carried in 2008 who voted for the (centrist, 1993 Republican) Health Care Bill." Palin's Twitter page reads "Commonsense Conservatives and lovers of America, 'Don't Retreat - Instead, Reload!"

A reasonable person reading this tweet and seeing her facebook page might legitimately come to the conclusion that she is openly advocating violence against our country's elected officials.

If you click on this link to No More Mister Nice Blog, you will find a good summary of the increased violence as well as a video with Rachel Maddow summarizing the increase in violent attacks aimed at congressional democrats, with the concise Maddow statement "What they could not achieve in the ballot box they are trying to achieve through violence and intimidation."

Clearly cause for concern.

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