Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Status Update

I've been out of work for about 6 weeks now. I didn't expect the job search to be this frustrating, but I've had precious few solid leads.

I've got a couple positions that have some promise to them, but they're not as strong as I'd like them to be. One of these positions would be a title review type position that sounds right up my alley, but the firm is just starting up and the guy wasn't sure that there'd be anything for another 30-60 days. The second one is an immigration firm that sounds somewhat frustrating in nature, as I'd be defending removals, with a high failure rate as the nature of the beast.

It's not the best way to go, but it would pay the bills.

I'm still sending out 15-20 resumes/contacts per week, but I've noticed that for everything I send out, I get little in return.

Keeping the faith, but getting frustrated.

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