Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The coolest national park name in the world

Which I heard of first from Dave Barry's books is a national park in Canada known as the Head-Smashed-In BuffaloJump. It's a 5500 year old buffalo jump site, where Natives (First Peoples in Canadian) ran herds of bison off the cliff, so that they could clean them and get the food and other useful stuff from them at the bottom.
From what I remember from the Dave Barry article, the name comes from a legend that one time, one of the First Peoples was curious as to what it looked like to see the buffalo fall from the ground, and so he stood at the bottom of the cliff to watch. Apparently, he couldn't get away fast enough, and ended up in the predicament that has become the National Park's name. Also, according to Dave Barry, if you call in (Which I've not done yet, but maybe I will later), they'll answer the phone "Head Smashed in, can I help you?"
That's just great. You can't make up history like that.

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