Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wednesday, March 2

Time for the weekly haiku:

My youngest son's sick
Oldest stole his sister's cake
and my cat threw up

As always, contributions are welcome


English Professor said...

LOL. So sorry to hear it!

Here's one from my life right now:

Bentham, Marx, Said
Past subjunctive, preterite
Does the sun still shine?

And to anyone who can identify with that haiku, you have my sympathies.! said...

no haiku for you.
don't want to do it, no way.
oh crap! i just did.

particleman said...

con law tomorrow
is cacelled, yeah baby.
time to hit the pub.

Jayel Aheram said...

So many reasons
not to like haiku. One, it
is too limiting.