Saturday, March 19, 2005

Rice On North Korea

Check this link: Rice On North Korea
Condoleeza Rice warned North Korea that they can't stall forever on their nuclear issue.
What a shock. North Korea stalling on a key issue that could help stabilize the region? They've never stooped to such a level for the purpose of leverage in the international arena, have they?
We're talking about the country that brought us the submarine incidents, the poplar tree incident, the tunnels, and the tunnels. Any time something "monumental" to the region is about to occur, North Korea manages to do something to muck up the process. The fact is, they don't want anything less than full autonomy and control of the entire peninsula.
The North Korean government lives on the idea that their people believe the world is more horrid than they are, and anything that can change that opinion is bad, which is what would happen if any meaningful dialogue were to ensue.
More on this later, I'm sure

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