Thursday, March 10, 2005

Disney Movie Survey

As I mentioned earlier, my daughter is ill today. This means that I get to stay at home. Additionally, I get to watch Disney movies. This led me to wonder... what is my favorite Disney movie? I can't really narrow it down to one, but I think it's OK for me to say I have 2. My first is Aladdin. I love how well everything works together, and the songs aren't too schmaltzy. Coming in second is The Emperor's New Groove. I can't really say I have a good reason, I just think it's a nice movie to turn on, switch your brain off and just enjoy the ride.
My daughter loves Finding Nemo and the Rescuers, but since she's 3, I don't know that she has a real rationale.

So now that I've shared my preferences, I figured I'd ask what your favorites are. I don't have any ground rules, but I'd also like to know why, not just what, just because.

Can't wait to hear the replies!


English Professor said...

I like the old ones. We've played Lady and the Tramp and The Aristocats to pieces around here. I almost can't watch Dumbo--too much pathos.! said...

i used to love fantasia. i remember going to see it at the theatre when i was a kid & there was some teasing afterwards about the dancing hippos. i can't remember if it was me, my sister or my mom that was accused of being a hippo ballerina. (between that and talk of the "busby fat gene," i never really stood much of a chance at a healthy body image!)

at 21, i first saw the northern lights in the yukon territory. they really looked like those dancing violin bows at the beginning of the movie.

anyway, in college i owned a copy of fantasia & watched it many times. i also took lots of hallucinogenic substances. you do the math.