Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sandy Berger pleas out

I'm more than a little offended that a person who confesses to taking classified documents. He said it was inadvertant, the taking of classified documents home in his briefcase.

I somehow doubt a person who served as National Security Director would "inadvertantly" place classified documents in a briefcase that he takes OUT of a secure facility on a daily basis. To punish him with a mere $10,000 fine and a 3 year suspension of his clearance (read: He can get it back) is completely unacceptable. If he had been some peon private, airman, even an NCO or entry-level civilian employee, do you think they'd let him get off with such a slight penalty? He'd probably be in a federal prison, his life ruined by the federal conviction (try getting a job with a federal conviction that doesn't include the phrase "would you like fries with that?"), and unable to get anywhere near a secure facility. Unconscionable.


B said...

Unreal. That he may ever again have access to classified government documents is appalling.

Sam said...

"He returned two of the five copies of a sensitive after-action report..."

Does he get to keep the other three?

I also like the distinction on how he took them. He knowingly hid sensitive documents, but didn't want to take anything that is actually classified? I'm sure he was actually thinking what he should shove down his pants and what he should put in his briefcase (though with the intent to take it back out of his case).