Sunday, April 24, 2005

Voltaire once said

Something to the effect of this:

"If there are two religions in a nation, those two will constantly be at odds with each other. If, however, there are thirty religions in that nation, all will live in harmony."

Now, I know that's not an absolute, but it does seem to have an air of truth to it, don't you think?


Thomas said...

Do you think we are having a "religion" problem now?

Steve said...

If you mean in the U.S., no, I don't think we have a "religion" problem. I rather believe that here, the problem is political polarization, in which some are alienating others by attaching a "religious" label. I think we're reaching a point of polarization taht is going to alienate a large group of moderates and those Democrats and Republicans that don't hardline like the party rhetoric would indicate.
This could be a good thing, because if enough voters are alienated by the hyper-partisan politics, then they might flee to my new party, the moderate-libertarians. It's not as catchy as the Bull Moose party, but I think I can come up with a better name before the next election.

particleman said...

i think there's some truh to that.