Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Arrrr and Avast!

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Let's hear y'all, you scurvy scallawags!

What's a pirate's favorite vegetable? Arrrrrrr-tichoke He-arrrrrrrr-ts

What's a pirate's favorite Beatles song? A H-arrrrrrrrrr-d day's night!

A pirate's favorite president? Jimmy C-arrrrrrrr-ter

Where do pirates go on vacation? B-arrrrrrr-bados, though some prefer Arrrrrr-uba

I've got plenty more!


heatherfeather said...

me favorite slightly creepy actor? peter saarrrrrsgarrrrrrrd.

Thomas said...

When are you done with school, Steve?

Cassie said...

Too bad it's not aaaaaaargust.

Steve said...

I graduate in May, Thomas.

And heatherfeather, ye hearty landlubber, were ye fond of the Staaaaaaarrrrr Waaarrrrrs trilogy now?

Bellejar said...

ARRRRR! AHOY! AVAST! Have you read the David Barry article that started it all.