Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pointless Rant

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have to pick my daughter up after school and take her to daycare. I don't mind - it's actually a fairly welcome break from studying. I have to drive down Long Point drive for a little bit on the way. On Long Point, there's a sandwich shop. That sandwich shop advertises that they have "the original Philly Cheesesteak Hoagie." I suppose I should be impressed. The original. First. Setting the standard. Home of a Philadelphia tradition. And I would be, if I lived in Philadelphia. But I live in Houston. Texas. Not Philadelphia.

How freaking stupid is it to advertise the "Original Philly Cheesesteak Hoagie" in Texas? My lord, It would be like Cleveland advertising "the original Champagne." Or California advertising the original ANYTHING, except maybe recycled silicone implants...

Now, perhaps there's room for interpretation, after all, they say they have the original cheesesteak HOAGIES, not Sandwiches. Perhaps there's enough leeway there to give them some credit. but really. Do they expect me to believe that nobody in Philadelphia EVER thought to use a hoagie bun? I'm not fooled. They're not getting my dollar. Stupid sandwich shop owners. Who do they think they're dealing with?

FTR, the best cheesesteak I ever had was actually in Maryland when I was stationed out there. If you ever find yourself at my old place of employ, try it out. You'll not be disappointed.


English Professor said...

Take that, you misleading advertisers!

On my first trip to NYC, the restaurant that first caught my eye in Times Square advertised "Real Texas Barbeque." They did not get my money, either.

Best Philly cheesesteak I ever had was in Philly, but not at Pat's--some place on South Street.

Hope your summer's been good!

Steve said...

Welcome back, EP! I missed ya over the summer. Hope it treated you well.