Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Listening ears"

My daughter's teacher apparently tells her students they need to put their listening ears on. My daughter seems to have trouble grasping that concept, at least, on the home front. To wit:

Last night, I got home from school just after 8 pm, the children's bedtime. Of course, none of the children are in bed, because that would be easy, and the purpose of childhood is to punish the parents for no longer being children and having to behave like grown-ups. Anyway, The Boy was going over something, I think one of his folders, the little boy was trying to avoid getting his clean diaper put on, and the daughter was trying to color. Now, Mom had told daughter it was time to go to bed, but apparently, daughter's listening ears weren't on properly, because she apparently heard, "climb up on the tent case, old printer and desk shelf to try to reach the printer paper that's out of your reach." So that's what the little alpine miss decided to do. I stopped her verbally by stating she wasn't to climb on the tent or the old printer because she could fall and get hurt. So my daughter does the logical thing. She gets down from the old printer and proceeds to stand on the computer chair to reach the paper, because obviously when I said "don't do that; you'll get hurt," I meant "search out alternative methods to do what we told you not to do." Anyway, she gets the paper - my attention had been distracted by screaming little boy, who I picked up (now that he had a diaper), and starts to turn around when I see her. I tell her to get off the compu- it's too late. The chair rotated, the daughter lost her balance, and fell face first onto the floor. Fortunately, the floor is carpeted, but it's not what anyone would classify as a soft landing. She literally landed on her face - bruised her forehead, the tip of her nose, and the spot between the nose and the lip, where moustaches grow (on guys and Hungarian women). She's hurt, in that she's bruised, but she's not injured, but the injury doesn't look good. Pictures were last week, though, so there won't be a permanent record of the injury.

Oh, and she didn't drop the paper or her markers during the entire episode, including when I picked her up to comfort/scold her. When she gets an idea in her head, you can't get it out. Before she would go up to bed, she had to put the paper and markers on the coffee table so she could draw "tomorrow" (today). Nothing like a short memory.


Gramma said...

Oh, my dear little grandbabes. Intrepid, focused, determined, creative, single-minded, independent, agile (yet tail-less)... I am so proud, and so in love with all of them.

Gangadhar said...

Listening years! Title quite apt for dis post.very well written.. too having these kind of experiences with my 3yr old son!!


Hannelie said...

Hi Ganga!

Steve, ouch ouch ouch. Poor little darling but what can I say, mine do so the same. I've got kiddie security gates and my little one grabs his plastic chair yesterday, pushed it next to the gate and tried to climb over, you should have seen my speed LOL to grab him. Tiled floors, not a good idea!

I used the term "turn on you listening ears" as a swimming teacher with the junior classes and we all pretended to dail a switch which are our ears, worked like a bomb, or if I wanted to tell them about a new skill or something they have to imagine, like keep lookig at the floor of the pool while swimming I use to say "put your thinking caps on" and we all pretend to put hats on our heads.
Oh teachers, what will we do with out their wild imagination.