Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday Morning Post

We took the children out for dinner last night. The Boy got to pick; it was a reward. He chose Joe's Crab Shack. Now, for years, Joe's was one of my - if not THE - favorite restaurants. However, something happened near the end of last year, and when my wife and I went in January, it wasn't the same. First off, they had biscuits and salad. Second, the Christmas lights were gone, as were a lot of the decorations. Third, the music changed. It was quieter, and calmer. Fourth, the employees seemed subdued. They didn't seem to be having fun, like they used to - they didn't dance (gramma - no Macarena!), and barely moved around more than they had to. Joe's used to be an experience, not just another restaurant. In January, it was a shell of its former self (get it? Crabs? Shell?). We decided we were going to quit going to Joe's because, well, it sucked. The life that made it worth going to wasn't there anymore.

But, since The Boy wanted to go, we went back. I half hoped it had changed back, but I was wrong. Still the same easy listening music (seriously, the Thompson Twins?), servers who looked like they were just going through the motions, OK food (it was never top cuisine - you went for the atmosphere), and toned-down decor. In the better part of an hour we were there, I was never offered a refill on my Coke (last straw!). Anyway, we left a crappy tip for the crappy dining experience and got out of there.

What happened to you, Joe's? Where's the "delightfully tacky, yet unrefined" restaurant I knew and loved? I HATE the new Joe's. And we're done with it, until you bring back the fun.

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I've never eaten at a Joe's Crab Shack, but your description of the way it used to be made me cringe, probably because I've been on the waiter side of that scenario. There isn't enough marijuana in the world to mask the pain of having to sing some "zaney" version of happy birthday or being forced to wear flair and say things like "Aloha! Hula Hut! We serve Mexonesian food!" All while having stupid corporate "up sale" quotas to fill. And trust me, no one at the Red Lobster wants to order appetizers, drinks & desserts when they can get all the goddamn cheese biscuits they can eat.

I'm sorry you had a bad dining experience & Joe's isn't the fun place it once was, but think of the humanity. Oh, the humanity! If you want the old Joe's back, you better join Terrell in advocating for legalized pot.