Friday, January 04, 2008

In the Race for President,

Apparently experience is not quite as big a factor for potential voters as negative campaigners would have you think. Two Democratic Senators, Christopher Dodd and Joe Biden dropped out of the campaign based on poor performances in the Iowa caucuses yesterday.

The front runner? Barack Obama. Obama is a good speaker which plenty of charisma, and his platform of standing for change seems to resonate, particularly with the young voters. This seems familiar to President Clinton's campaign in 1992.

While the Iowa Caucuses rarely are correct with predicting who will win the Presidency, it looks like experience is not going to be a factor, just like in 2000, when President Bush was criticized for not having enough experience... go figure.

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Gramma said...

I may have unpopular opinions, but Hilary is the only one who impresses me at all.