Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"The Vast Majority Already Comply"

That was part of the argument in favor of Indiana's Voter ID law, oral arguments on which were heard by the Court today.

I presume the argument is that it's ok to let the minority not be heard, because the vast majority can be. I understood America to be a land where citizens got a vote, not those citizens with the means to get a picture ID, or those citizens without an ID who can afford to take a day off within 10 days of the election to affirm their vote.

I understand the fear of voter fraud. But I find it wrong to deny American People a vote in a Free Country because of restrictions placed upon them by the Government. When the Government can determine who may or may not vote by passing legislation, then we cease to become a democracy or a democratic republic. I fear the Court will find differently than I, but I have difficulty swallowing the argument that it's OK to deny a right reserved for all based on their inability to obey a legislative act.


Michelle said...

Wow, sounds as though the US political system is becoming as democratic as the Italian political system!

Nelson M. said...

I agree with you. The real purpose behind these laws is to suppress Democratic votes.