Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Truth is Relative

I have said more than once on this blog that I oppose the teaching of Creationism in public schools. I think that as an inherently religious belief, it is one that needs to stay in the realm of one's religion of choice.

However, just because I disagree with the argument that Creationism even resembles science does not mean that I automatically accept the scientific theory as fact. I would suspect that I'm not alone in that belief, even among those who are not Creationists.

And that is why I'm annoyed that Dr. Gerald Weissmann, editor in chief of the FASEB Journal would say "this survey (conducted of 1000 voters, not exactly a failsafe cross-section) is a wake-up call for anyone who supports teaching information based on evidence rather than speculation or hope; people want to hear the truth, and they want to hear it from scientists."

One needs to accept for a moment that majority rule does NOT equal "truth." And when it comes to something as unprovable as how the Universe came to be, it's more a matter of faith, whether that faith be based on a Deity, or on Science, or whatever else you might believe in.

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