Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm Still Not Sure About This Process

I guess this is a plausible explanation. From the Moderate Voice:

In a ground-breaking move Thursday, the Texas Senate passed a bill approving new license plates that read “Choose Wife” — thus allowing Texans to publicly display their concern for high divorce rates in the state.

I'm sure the reason is to display concern for high divorce rates, and that's why it says "choose wife" instead of "choose to not get divorced." It couldn't POSSIBLY have any connotation with opposition to gay marriage now, would it? Of course, if they were forthcoming about that prospect, then it would meet with severe outrage. But come on, let's figure it out...

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Lilith Fund said...

Oh, okay. I'll choose a wife. Oh, wait. But if the legislature wants me to choose a wife, why won't they then recognize my wife's and my relationship?