Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So, It's Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor was nominated by President Obama for the Supreme Court vacancy being created by Justice Souter's retirement. Already there are rumblings about her being an activist justice.

Just this morning as I got up to get ready for work I saw a quote from an irate law student at my alma mater on the news complaining that justices shouldn't be nominated to fill some quota, or something like that. There have been others who have complained about her activist tendencies - not that anyone from Texas has actually looked into her opinions to know what they're talking about, they're just going to oppose her because she was nominated by Obama - and appointed to the Appeals Court by Clinton. They conveniently ignore the fact that she was first appointed to the bench by the good President Bush, or that she has sided with the "conservatives" more often than not. Rather they take a couple talking points that have been used by opponents of anything Obama that use a couple quotes to try to paint her as an "activist."

This, of course, is disingenuous, but that doesn't matter, because right now it's not about qualifications (Yale undergrad and Yale law school - not to mention Yale Law Review, DA's office in NY, more time as a Judge than any nominee in the last 70 years), but more about being against anything President Obama favors. But that's all right, because as long as they whine, they're "relevant."

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