Friday, May 15, 2009

Of COURSE They did!

And I'd be willing to bet that if we handcuffed him from the ceiling, denied him sleep for 11 or so days, subjected him to stress positions, played games with the temperature to bring him to the brink of hypothermia, wrapped a towel around his head and slammed him into some plywood walls a few times, then strapped him to a board, placed a towel over his head, and poured water over it so he couldn't breathe, Dick Cheney would admit that HE was the Al Qaeda-Iraq link.

That's what torture does - it gets an answer that the torturers want to hear, whether it's accurate or not (and it usually isn't). It's a means to an end. The torturers don't stop until they hear what they want. This is more than dehumanizing - it's wrong - more than wrong, it's illegal.

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