Sunday, May 17, 2009


After about a month of blogging with fewer than 10 comments, I'm starting to think perhaps it's time to hang up the spurs. I'm running short of commentary that isn't related to pushing for a truth commission, and I think perhaps it's time to put my feet up and take a breath.

Work's been heavy, the kids have lives, and the wife could use more attention, too.


DB said...

Damn, this is one of the few blogs I actually have time to read anymore! I have been sticking to a few select blogs in the reader but have been busy getting everything ready for my move from Okinawa to Libya and have neglected the comments. I have almost forgot what my own blog looks like! Whatever you decide, take care. I have certainly enjoyed the conversations.

Just Wondering said...

Steve, I've been there and I got some really good advice from you in a comment to a similar post I put up a while back, which was (something like), don't put so much pressure on yourself. If you don't blog every day, so what?

At any rate, I'm with DB. Whatever you decide, I have enjoyed the blog greatly. Are you ever going to tell me (ignorant southeasterner that I am) what the heck a binjo ditch is?

photog said...

FYI ... our neighbor friend is an avid (though comment-free) reader.

photog said...

Why do you blog? It is more a expressive outlet for me - and I've had precious little expressive time as of late - than a source of edification through comments. I'll admit that I am behind 17 blog postings at the time of this comment, though it has nothing to do your posts and everything to do with a lack of free time.