Friday, May 01, 2009

Look at These Bright Shiny Things!

Who cares that we have an administration that just left office who spent 8 years trampling on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and multiple treaties? Who cares if they ordered, then justified, the torture of prisoners? Who really gives a crap that warrantless wiretapping occurred in direct violation of the 4th Amendment and FISA? Does it really matter if the former President and his staff attempted to manufacture a connection between Al Qaeda and Iraq to garner support for an invasion that 1. didn't need to occur, and 2. didn't need added support to be ordered (yes funding it was a different matter, but President Bush had the authority to go in again)? Who does it hurt that at least 30 people have been disappeared by our previous administration? Who cares that we have a black spot on our nation that won't be cleared up for who-knows-how-long? Who cares that we had 8 years of increased spending and decreased revenues with recod increases of national debt during a period of growth, and those brain-dead supporters of the potential war-criminal office chose to bitch about the current administration by holding tea-parties on tax day for the previous administration's taxes?

We need a football playoff, or Congress is going to be REALLY pissed!

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