Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yesterday's News

North Korea has been shouting from their little corner of the world the last few days, screaming "look at me! I'm relevant!"

They've tested some rockets, and according to some are "testing the resolve" of President Obama.

I think this is inaccurate. I think, rather, they see an opportunity - a country devastated by the previous administration - out of money, struggling banking and automobile industries that require government assistance to keep from sinking the entire country, a tar pit in Iraq where we never should have gone in in the first place (even though we did have the right), Af-Pak teetering on the brink, and a minority party who seems to be of the position that they're going to oppose anything that the President offers simply because he's the one proposing it - and they're going to see what leverage they can squeak out of the situation.

I think the best option is to open discussions with the other countries in the region - China, Russia, South Korea, and Japan, and come to a conclusion on how to handle North Korea from a united front - this would alienate North Korea, inasmuch as China doesn't want their ugly nephew with nukes or getting all belligerent, as it would give cause to re-arm Japan, and the leverage could reverse itself.

The Chonger isn't stupid - he can see an opportunity when it presents itself - let's just hope we don't end up giving him what he's looking for.

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