Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blame it on the Rain

Whenever we get a good rainstorm here in Houston, our phone lines go dead. The complex says it's the phone company, and vice-versa. All I know is that I've not had my phones working since Saturday and it's rather an inconvenience.

On the bright side, I've got my schedule for the semester all sorted out:
Property II
Federal Income Taxation
Family Law
Consumer Transactions

This looks to be an interesting semester, though I reckon it's going to be rather busy.
I also expect I'll be heading to a conference in Dallas for Phi Alpha Delta, unless we send someone else in my place.

I've also decided, pretty much, that I'm going to get involved in the Pro Bono Honors Program. It's a 50 hour commitment before I graduate, and no less than 10 hours per semester. I think I can handle that; I just have to find an org. that can match my available schedule. Here's hoping.

In other news, we're going to be moving in a week; more on that after it happens.


English Professor said...

Hey, Steve. I just checked my blog and saw that I'd been missed--that's nice news. I've been spending the summer doing all the domestic things that get neglected during the semester, as well as reading for my qualifying exams and taking fourth-semester Spanish. (And a little vacationing, as well, but that blows the image of the suffering student.) We were in Houston a couple of months ago for a birthday party at the Children's Museum--what a terrific place!

Cassie said...

Well as you and your wife both know, I live in the land of the rain. Of course we rarely get enough rain at one time to be a problem. I would like a nice thunderstorm. One that wouldn't last too long and wouldn't cause any damage or flooding of course.

It has been sunny and warm lately. Very nice day today for walking through Seattle. It was a little pathetic that our tour guide was Aunt Ava who has never been to the city of Seattle in her life. Our little guy was sweet and well behaved the whole time (I'm not being sarcastic this time!)

I would love to go visit Aunt Ava in Israel someday. Maybe when we're old and you're a rich attorney you can take Brett and I and Kirsten to Israel. Aunt Ava said she could walk to where Jesus was born from her apartment.

Well here's to dreaming. Why don't you post something about the kids. I like those posts the best.

Michelle said...

Yaaaay...Family Law...Consumer Law....and Evidence.
I'd rather chew my own arm off than do Taxation and Property Law.
But don't let that scare ya...LOL